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As I was one of the most frequently mentioned athletes during Marathon Talk chat about New York City Marathon on november 6th, Tom Williams and Terry Whitington thought I deserved an interview. They are Marathon Talk guys, a genial platform to share experiences about running and long runs, gathering opinions and learning “on the road”.


Episode #99 – available for podcast – contained a 25 minutes interview with me (minutes 52′ onwards); audio quality is not excellent due to skype interferences, but it’s all understandable. The talk added fun to my NYCM experience and gave italian runners a chance to prove they are strong and feel like playing a champions league match!

Guys, it’s time to come up to the front and try to run as fast as possible. I don’t have the phisical means to clock important marathon chronos, but someone surely has! I gave a signal, as I was “suonando la carica” (check out in a dictionary, I don’t think there’s a proper translation ;)

Find full episode #99 at http://www.marathontalk.com/podcast/episode_99_tito_tiberti.php

On line now episode #100 with british marathon record holder Steve Jones (2h07.13 dated back 1985, wow!). Check it out from marathontalk.org homepage!

Listen directly here by clicking or right-click to save the file (22MB mp3 file, episode cut, there’s only the interview with me): Marathon Talk ep. 99 with Tito Tiberti

It’s been a pleasure to precede, in a sense, also Mr. Jones. Talk soon! Ciao.

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